How it works

Think of your body as a beautiful pharmacy

It already contains incredible abilities to stabilize, regulate, and revitalize. We just need to press the right buttons to activate all these amazing functions.

ERWTaking on Jet Lag


By using a cutting-edge combination of adaptogens and micro-nutrients, we activate what’s already inside your body and make it work with us.

The Flight Pack

Divided into three parts, so that each one serves a distinct purpose

  • Prep

    Addresses the need for hydration and boosts your body with essential vitamins and minerals

  • Rest

    Helps you enter a state of relaxation and provides optimal conditions for high-quality sleep and recovery

  • Wake

    Re-energizes, recovers and helps you focus on the day ahead after a long flight

Jet lag affects millions of travelers every year.

Jet lag isn’t just a nuisance for professional athletes, it affects millions of people every year. From holidaymakers to honeymooners, corporate high-flyers to seasoned globetrotters, jet lag is a problem for every type of traveler. Take on jet lag with My Flight Pack!

ERWTaking on Jet Lag
ERWTaking on Jet Lag