We're taking on jetlag

By combining trailblazing sports science with world-class culinary expertise, we’ve developed My Flight Pack™️ that takes on travel fatigue — and wins.


Before take off

PREP is a super-hydrator. Essentially, this drink prepares you to step on-board your flight. Prep addresses the need for hydration and boosts your body with essential vitamins and minerals.

ERWTaking on Jet Lag
ERWTaking on Jet Lag


Before landing

WAKE will help you recover and re-energize after a long flight. Whether you are traveling with your family or for an important business meeting, we will make you overcome jet lag as fast as possible.

ERWTaking on Jet Lag

The Ultimate Jet Lag Cure

Jet lag affects millions of people every year. From holidaymakers to honeymooners, corporate high-flyers to seasoned globetrotters, jet lag is a problem for every type of traveler.

The Story Behind ERW

It began in 2013 when Hannah Grant, the highly acclaimed chef who pioneered “performance cooking,” met Stacy Sims, a scientist at the forefront of performance nutrition research. 

ERWTaking on Jet Lag
  • It felt like nothing had changed when I traveled to the other side of the world. I fell asleep quickly, and was full of energy for my first days in Australia. Yes!

    William Sivert

    Traveling from Copenhagen to Melbourne
ERWTaking on Jet Lag